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GGG scores UD win against Derevyanchenko



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CALIFORNIA, USA — GGG is a middleweight champion of the world once more.

And however louder his critics may claiming his unanimous decision win over Sergey Derevyanchenko is anything but convincing, the truth of the matter is, Gennady Golovkin is the undisputed IBF titleholder.

The future Hall-of-Famer scored an early knockdown en route to a too-close-for-comfort UD victory against his Ukrainian foe at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

The judges’ scorecards read after 12 rounds: 115-112, 114-113, 114-113 all in favor of the Kazakhstan native. But even after scoring a KD in the first, Golovkin still had to survive a gutsy Derevyanchenko that gave GGG a good run for his money.

In the first round, Golovkin needed to dig deep to repulse a steady attack from his foe, he did. With an uppercut and an overhand right, the Kazakh downed Sergey in the opener before GGG bloodied his opponent with a left hook that cut open Derevyanchenko’s right eyebrow.

This seemed to slow down the Ukranian a bit, but he was never going down without a fight.

From the third round onwards, Derevyanchenko found his stride and was visibly more comfortable inside the squared circle, going toe-to-toe with GGG and eventually hitting a beautiful body shot that slowed down the would-be victor heading into the latter half of the fight. 

\”When I started moving, I felt like I was giving him room and I was being hit with those looping shots that Golovkin threw. That\’s when I started taking the fight to him and not giving him room to maneuver,\” Derevyanchenko said.

As per the total punch stats, GGG was a tad bit more accurate, hitting 34 percent of his punches (243-720).

Meanwhile, Sergiy was good for 31 percent or 230 out of 738.

It was an interesting exchange in the final six rounds of the match with the eight-round coming as GGG’s finest showing, though Derevyanchenkostood his ground.

When it came to the final round, it was evident that both fighters had used up all their juice and were fighting on fumes. For Golovkin, he needed every ounce of what he’s got in this “very tough fight.” 

\”I told you, he\’s a very tough guy,\” Golovkin said in the ring after his win. \”This is huge experience for me. Right now, I understand I need more. … I feel this was not an easy fight for me. This was a tough fight,” he said.

Asked if a Canelo Alvarez-GGG III is in the pipeline, the 37-year-old didn’t hesitate to answer. 

\”Absolutely,\” Golovkin said when asked about fighting Alvarez again. \”I\’m open for anybody. There\’s so many great champions right now here. Everything is ready. Just call Canelo. if he says yes, let\’s do it.\”

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Pacquiao to pay $5.1 m after losing Paradigm case



Pacquiao-Mayweather 2 officially in talks?

The US jury voted against Manny Pacquiao in his Paradigm Sports Management Civil Lawsuit.

Boxing’s only eight-division world champion has been ordered to pay $5.1 million for the damages and the advance money Paradigm Sports had given him.

The Management filed breach of contract against the Filipino icon in his deal two years ago.

Despite losing the case, Pacquiao is confident that the decision can still be shifted to his camp’s favor.

Conor McGregor who is also under the PSM tweeted that Pacquiao should not let it happen again.

‘Manny owes 8 in all. 5.1 he owes and then 2.1 in legal costs. Legal fees are heavy but that’s what we do. Heavy weight operations,’ the Irishman said on a now deleted separate tweet.

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Ryan Garcia confident vs Gervonta Davis



Davis: Seven o eight rounds lang itatagal ni Garcia

It’s just a week away from the highly anticipated showdown inside the boxing ring, and Ryan Garcia is confident that he can surprise the champion, Gervonta Davis, and the entire boxing community.

Known for his lethal left hook, Garcia seems to have a new weapon up his sleeve, which he honed during his training camp and plans to showcase on April 22nd inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Despite putting on weight, Garcia still possesses his lightning-fast speed, and he claims that he is not intimidated by Davis.

“He’s nothing scary. He’s just a guy that’s trying his best to climb to the top as well, and we’re just meeting at a big event. That’s it.”

Considered the underdog in the fight, Garcia has the support of other boxers like Jermall Charlo, who even bet $10,000 on Garcia.

Boxing legend “Sugar” Shane Mosley is also rooting for Garcia, as well as Mario Barrios and boxing promoter Eddie Hearn.

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Tank Davis Mimics Mike Tyson to defeat Ryan Garcia



Tank Davis Mimics Mike Tyson to defeat Ryan Garcia

After a devastating 7th round KO, Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis fans saw a Mike Tyson blows Ryan Garcia with a twist in T Mobile Arena, April 22.

“Tank is very comfortable fighting taller people because when he fights he catapults himself, and pushes himself in the air, so it makes it very difficult to stop his attack cause it’s very awkward when you’re in the air, normally you have no power. But, the way which he catapults himself, it’s almost like a gun being fired. He flies right into you with every ounce of power.” Tyson said in an interview.

Meanwhile, a fan said “What the commentators didn’t mention is that this was a Mike Tyson style body blow which was generated from tank being in that crouched position, the upward motion generated much more from the legs and hips, plus being accurate and well timed, well played from tank.”

Davis got 58 total score from the judges while Garcia got 55. Tank Davis dominated Garcia in almost all rounds except round 1 and 6.

Boxing fans noticed the perfect timing and patience of Davis on the 7th round as he landed a liver blow that led Ryan Garcia to kneel down with pain.

According to the Way of Martial Arts, just as a shot to the chest area can leave you without air for a while or a dangerous shot to the head could render you unconscious, a liver shot can be just as painful and just as dangerous.

It can be recalled that Tank Davis has been compared to Mike Tyson due to their common styles. Although, Mike rejects that similarity except with Tanks Police issues.

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